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JAM TIME! Got your picks & sticks? Gotta Go Jam? Want to support the local musicians & blues scene? Hear the local blues news? Then you are in the right place! Blues jams come & go, I started this list to try to keep up! If you hear of one that’s not on the list, or have a correction, please let me know. Low-reen’s Live Blues List is updated at least monthly. Call ahead: these things change minute-to-minute!! Also be sure to drop a few bucks at the establishments that hosts these jams: buy a drink – if you don’t drink, buy some food or buy your friend a drink – otherwise the jams go away, and NO ONE wants that!

Come Out & Play!



Low-reen’s Live Blues List #73!!

Low-reen’s Live Blues List
Blues Jams Chicago to Milwaukee…and then some

Issue #73
January / February 2016
in memory of Dirty Otis
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