Low-reen & Paul Kaye!

Low-reen & Paul Kaye have been performing together as a duo since 2014, after meeting through their mutual friendship with Honeyboy Edwards. You can expect a show that is heavily- laden with Chicago Blues, as well as Delta and Slide Blues!

Low-reen met David Honeyboy Edwards and began to visit him & play regularly with him at his home starting in 2003. Honeyboy informally mentored Low-reen in her musical journey getting started at playing Chicago Blues Guitar. It was through this relationship that Low-reen met Paul Kaye, and they began to perform together in 2014, including a tribute to Honeyboy at Chicago Blues Fest in 2015 with Michael Frank & Joel Paterson. Low-reen & Paul both play guitar & sing. Paul toured, performed, and recorded with Honeyboy on a regular basis for twenty years. Honeyboy was a direct link to Robert Johnson, with whom he performed and caroused. Besides his work with Honeyboy, Paul also performed with Buddy Guy, Dave Myers, Harmonica Hinds, Lefty Diz, Detroit Jr, & Devil In a Woodpile. He had a regular gig at Checkerboard Lounge. He released a 2016 CD Playin’ It Cool, Paul Kaye & the Blues Cartel with Harlan Terson & Kenny Beedy Eyes Smith. Paul teaches Guitar at Old Town School of Folk Music. “Playing with Honeyboy was a life’s ambition realized,” says Paul, but it’s become far more than that. “I kind of feel an obligation to not just the music, but to Honeyboy; to present stories about the old players, and just as importantly, how they played the tunes.” Of Paul Kaye, the venerable bluesman David “Honeyboy” Edwards said simply: “Paul Kaye can play the Blues.” And what better praise can any Blues player ask for than that. Low-reen & Paul Kaye are READY to BRING IT!